Darren Henault


Darren Henault's extraordinary talent for creating luxurious, livable spaces has won him awards, accolades, and the attention of the most important design publications in the world. His clients include celebrities, business leaders, and the social elite who rely on his innate ability to fulfill their visions.

Henault's highly personal, elegant style delights his clients. Whether creating a country home, a city apartment, a townhouse, a yacht or a boardroom, Darren creates a palpable feeling of comfort and intimacy, as well as a sense of permanence.

"I love what I do because on a daily basis I come into contact with beautiful things and, most importantly, the inspired people who are making those things.

"To me, living beautifully is about editing and figuring out what positive changes to make that will effect how you feel about your home, and ultimately, yourself."

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